bespoke treatment

Bespoke treatment

CARTHAGE HERITAGE offers a series of bespoke options to its distinguished clients. Offering a truly innovative business gift solution, a method of personalizing its packaging synthesis has been devised. The designated areas on the gift box are highly customizable through embossing methods.

A product that does claim a distinguished position within its owner’s home or office, CARTHAGE HERITAGE is meant to be seen not just consumed. By surpassing its strictly utilitarian use of olive oil, CARTHAGE HERITAGE is taken out of the kitchen and placed next to the most expensive collections of cognacs and whisky. The ultimate collector’s item you want to possess.

The CARTHAGE HERITAGE gift box can feature any corporate logo on its lower left or right part through embossing methods.

The recipient’s name can be created on the topper left part of the gift box using the embossing methods.

Additional options are offered for complimentary or seasonal notes on the gift box lid upon request.